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Slimming Men’s Underwear: 2(X)ist Form Collection

2xist slimming underwear

If you’re familiar with men’s designer underwear, then you’ve probably worn 2(X)ist. Did you also know that 2(X)ist has a slimming men’s underwear line? The Form Collection includes 3 different kinds of body shapers – briefs, trunks, and a waist-whittling tank top:

Trunk 4523

These body shaping trunks are designed with a mixture of cotton, polyester, and spandex for comfortable fit. For support, this style is equipped with a contoured pouch in the front. One of the first things you will notice is a wide waistband. The waistband is made out of spandex and rises about 6 inches above the navel for shape and control throughout the midsection. The high-rise waistband slims the abdomen by approximately 2 inches. The recommended manufacturer’s price is currently $24 per pair.

Contour Pouch Brief 4503

2xist slimming underwear

If you’re more comfortable in briefs than boxers, then you’ll want to try this style of girdle underwear. Similar to the last design, these men’s briefs include a contoured pouch for extra support, as well as the 6 inch high-rise spandex waistband. Expect to see a visible difference of 2 inches around the waist while wearing. And if you’re worried about visibility underneath your clothes, the 2(X)ist Form Collection is designed to be invisible underneath clothing.

Form Slimming Tank 4527

What is innovative about this slimming tank top – and different from other popular brands, such as Spanx for Men or Equmen – is the hidden slimming panel. The 2(X)ist men’s slimming tank looks exactly like a regular cotton tank top. Underneath the exterior is a hidden tube panel that includes the spandex body shaping garment. The tube panel has a slightly extended length which can be tucked into your jeans or pants. The way the tank top is cut uses an optical illusion to make you look slimmer – the square neck of the tank emphasizes broad shoulders and upper torso that make your stomach look smaller in comparison. You can expect to not only lose 2 inches off of your waist almost instantaneously but also a more masculine body form.

2(X)ist Form Collection Reviews

The 2(X)ist Form Collection is said to “make abs out of lovehandles,” which is sure to entice potential buyers. Although the male body shaper market is small enough to do research on each item you’re thinking of buying, you still probably want to read some reviews to determine the best brands and styles to buy. Approximately 25 reviews give this line an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Some of the most common complaints are about the waistband rolling downward, but that is countered by many more reviews that emphasize great fit, stomach and back support, breathability, and soft, comfortable material. Many of the most satisfied customers typically wear this garment for style purposes, especially when a special event rolls around. There are probably not too many people who wouldn’t like this product for a guaranteed 2 inches off of the waist to look great for special occasions. If this sounds like you, then you would probably like this body shaping underwear collection. If you’re looking for something for more of an everyday use, then rolling down of the waistband may be more annoyance than it is worth. You can buy these products from online retailers like Freshpair, Undergear or Bare Necessities.

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