Ardyss Body Shapers For Men: 3 Styles For Waist Slimming Benefits


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Ardyss Body Shapers For Men

ardyss body shapers for men

One of the biggest sensations to hit the body shaper market is the increasing popularity of Ardyss body shapers. Maybe you have heard of one of their bestselling products, the Body Magic, a full-length shaper for women designed to take you down up to 3 dress sizes. Anyone who has seen or heard of the Body Magic is likely to ask if a similar body shaping undergarment is available for men. The answer is YES! Currently there are three different body shapers for men manufactured by Ardyss International.

Abdo Men

The name of this product is a clever play on words, but this shaper offers firm abdominal support and provides added reinforcement for the lower back. Most importantly, for men looking to shave inches off of their stomach, this girdle shirt is designed to reduce the waist up to 2 inches in diameter. Ardyss International also markets several health products, and according to their product information, the Abdo Men is no different. Wearers will experience relief from backaches as the shaper forces the spine into correct posture. The Abdo Men body shaper is also purposed to stimulate muscle toning throughout your abs after several hours of continuous use.

Lumbo Men

The second offering by Ardyss International is the Lumbo Men. If asked the describe this garment, it literally looks like a back supporting belt moreso than a girdle or undershirt. Ardyss promo material states that this belt offers firm compression across the abdomen. The end result is a slimmer, trimmer waist as well as added benefits in preventing muscle fatigue throughout the back.

Men’s Shaper

The third offering from the Ardyss International division for men is simply called the Men’s Shaper. No fancy names or gimmicks. If you were to a glance at this items, it resembles a full-length body suit that stops at the knees. There is a front entry zipper to easily take the garment off and on. (This may actually be an improvement over the women’s Body Magic that fastens through hooks that line the crotch.) In fact, it looks like a hybrid combination of the Abdo Men and the Lumbo men with shorts. There is a  waist slimming tank style top and wide elastic waistband that looks similar to the Lumbo Men belt around the waist.

Do These Body Shapers Really Work?

The jury is definitely out on this one. While Ardyss International has made its claim to fame with women’s body shapers, the share of the market pertaining to men has decidedly less information or customer reviews. The verbiage in the promotional material tends to emphasize the health benefits moreso than the slimming capabilities of Ardyss men’s body shapers – there is a lot of discussion of protecting and reinforcing the back and helping internal organs to maximal function. Only in the case of the Abdo Men does there appear to be a claim to reduce to waist up to 2 sizes. If you’re looking at the Ardyss Body Shapers for Men to slim your waist and improve your appearance, it is probably your best bet to take a chance on the Abdo Men girdle shirt.

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