Men’s Slimming Tank Tops: What Are The Best On The Market?


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Men’s Slimming Tank Tops: What Are The Best On The Market?

men's slimming tank tops

Mens slimming garments are becoming more and more popular as a method for decreasing the waistline, improving one’s appearance, and shaping increased self-confidence. Men’s slimming tank tops can be worn discreetly underneath your clothes and remain virtually undetectable. Many men find these undergarments perfect for everyday wear or even special events where you want to minimize the appearance of a few extra pounds around the waist or flattening the chest to eliminate the appearance of ‘man boobs.’ Before you go out and buy, you want to know different brand names, their reputation for quality, as well as reviews on whether they really work!

Spanx for Men

If you’re looking for the perfect slimming tank top, the first thing you need to know is which brands to look out for. Within the past several years, several new companies have started producing body shaping undergarments for men. Perhaps the most famous name in the male body shaper market is Spanx for Men. It used to be a big running joke about when the famous women’s body shaper company would start making these garments for men, offering the same kind of waist slimming effect for men with a few extra pounds around the stomach. However, as of early 2010, Spanx creator Sara Blakely, debuted the new line in Nordstrom’s department stores across the country. You will find that Spanx for Men offers more than the slimming tank top, but also v-neck and crew neck tops as well. It is too early to tell from customer reviews, but if the same level of painstaking quality is brought to the male shapewear, Spanx for Men is adequately positioned to really take off in sales and dominate the market.

Equmen Core Precision Tank Top

You also want to be familiar with the Equmen Core Precision Undershirts. Unlike the other offerings on the market, Equmen undershirts and tank tops are described as multi-purpose – useful whether your goal is slimming, additional back support, or to improve sports performance. What allows them to make this claim is the use of built-in physiotherapy technology for ergonomic results. These slimming tank tops have been available for purchase for quite a few years now and they receive top marks from customers who have tried them out. It is partially through improving posture that these undergarments work by forcing you to sit and stand completely upright rather than slouch. The end result is a leaner midsection and visibly slimming effect.


Underworks is the lesser known name producing men’s slimming tank tops compared to Spanx or Equmen. Compared to the bigger names, these are also the most affordable. While you can expect to pay upwards of $70 for one tank top from either of the aforementioned companies, Underworks tank tops are much cheaper. You will also find a greater range of levels of compression from ultra light to light to firm control with Underworks. (Although it must also be mentioned that Spanx for Men offers only one level of control and Equmen offers two – firm and extra firm). Also unlike the other brands, Underworks is available in sizes up to 5X.

Determining the best men’s slimming tank top is a judgment call because they each have their respective pros and cons. Spanx for Men is the newest brand and therefore there isn’t much feedback to go on on how these tank tops perform. Equmen tank tops multitask, making them perfect for slimming for a special event or even support while you hit the gym for a permanent solution to ridding yourself of extra pounds. Underworks, in contrast, is the most affordable and you can choose the appropriate level of control you need to slim your stomach and compress your chest to improve your appearance.

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