Bubbles Bodywear: Will You Hit The Jackpot With Padded Underwear?


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jackpot padded underwearMaybe you’ve already heard of the Bubbles Bodywear company. Their claim to fame is a “one stop booty shop” and fills a much-needed niche in the shapewear market for those who want to enhance the size of their butts. One of the tenets of the company’s mission statement is to encourage self-confidence by providing customers with tools needed to feel good and positive about themselves. And indeed Bubbles Bodywear lives up to its reputation by offering a variety of shapewear items. For men, you’ll be super interested in their popular item, the “Jackpot,” designed with removable butt pads to offer a little more cushion to your tush.

The Jackpot is a men’s padded brief with pockets for inserts in the front and the back. Whether you need shaping, sizing, or contouring in the front or rear (or both), these underwear will provide the answer to adding fullness where you want it. No more saggy looking rear end! The underwear does feature a boxer brief construction, and it already comes preshrunk and prestretched in sizes small to extra large. When ordering, pay close attention to the sizing – it corresponds to your hip width not your waist size like standard sizing for mens wear.

As for the padding, the Jackpot comes out of the package with a pair of removable foam butt pads (and no front pads to augment the size of your package). Optionally you can choose to upgrade to silicone padding. Word to the wise – silicone inserts are well-known for a more realistic, life-like feel. Besides, you never know who might want to cop a feel! They will never be able to tell that your muscular gluteus maximus come from the help of hidden inserts in your underpants.

If you’re not really into frontal enhancement underwear, no worries. You can simply skip the step where you add in the front padding. There are some other similar products on the market if you’re only looking for the buttock augmentation effect. Check out the Andrew Christian Active Shape underwear to compare specifications. The Active Shape men’s underwear promises to add up to 2 inches to your rump measurement while the Jackpot can truly only offer up to 1 inch in additional rear padding. If you’re nervous about the idea of wearing padded underwear after all, another alternative is the Andrew Christian Flashback underwear. Instead of actual foam or padded rump inserts, this underwear line has invisible supports built into the seams of the underwear. The end result is a visibly lifted and firmer rear end.

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