Equmen Undershirt Before And After: What Can You Expect?


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Equmen Core Precision Undershirts – Before and After

Let’s face it – everyone wants to look more attractive and “thin is in.” Many people falsely assume that waist slimming undergarments are only a concern of women. Smart companies have recognized the fact that men are looking for products to give the appearance of a few less inches around the midsection and are meeting those needs for its customers. The Equmen Core Precision Undershirt is just one of these products touted as perfect for everyday use, solely for special occasions, or during sports or other physical activities. Before you buy one of these products, many people want to see before and after pics to determine if they indeed work as advertised.

equmen before and after pictures

Although a visual representation through photo or video may be most straightforward, let’s take some time to explore what you can expect from wearing the Equmen Core Precision body shaping undershirt. Many men need them because they have put on a few pounds or because they may have lost an extreme amount of weight and their body is not quite as tight as it is supposed to be. These individuals find great value from men’s body shapers such as Equmen Core Precision Undershirts. You can expect to find slightly different benefits depending on where you’re starting out from:

For men with just a few pounds to lose:

Your waist slimming needs are best served with the high compression garments, whether you choose the singlet (or tank top), v-neck, or long sleeve body shaper undershirts. All you really need is a little extra help to firm and contour your chest and waistline. According to customer reviews, you will be very pleased with Equmen products. Although lightweight, you will notice an immediate difference in the diameter of your waist upon first wear. Visually, it is not a stretch to claim that you will look at least 10 pounds lighter. Using a product like this can hold you over until you get your workouts done in the gym to get back to your former size.

For men with more than 10 pounds to lose:

You may want to try the extra high compression Core Precision Undershirt instead. These undergarments have higher elasticity and are designed with approximately 15% more compression where you need it the most. At the same time, it still feels lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to the wearer. Expect to pay slightly more for the additional compression throughout the back and core. Manufacturers recommend a $10 increase over the other styles.

Men with moobs:

Moobs is a tongue-in-cheek term, but if you have them, then you know exactly how embarrassing the added breast tissue can be. These slimming undershirts are also extremely effective in flattening the chest and reducing the appearance of manboobs. It is recommended that you start with the high compression shirts and then graduate up to extra compression shirts if needed. Expect to be surprised at how well these undershirts mask the appearance of unwanted breast tissue. If a body shaper is not enough and you’re looking for a permanent solution, then male breast reduction exercises may be in order.

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