Get Rid of Moobs Exercises: Beyond “Just Work Out”


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Get Rid of Moobs Exercises: Bench Press Workouts Do Your Body Good

get rid of moobs exercises

There is an unfortunate epidemic which affects between 40 and 60 percent of men in our society. While it is not particularly dangerous, and has never directly caused a known fatality, it does lead to embarrassment, and often a great diminishment of self esteem. This epidemic takes on the rather innocuous moniker of man boobs, also called moobs as a tongue-in-cheek term, or gynecomastia if you’re perusing through medical textbooks.

Simply put, moobs are when a man’s chest looks more like that of a woman. Whether in an intimate setting such as a sexual encounter, or in a locker room where everything is on display, the shame of having moobs is very real. And the worst part is, it is not always a matter of being fat, or not being especially fit. In some occasions, it results from the use of anabolic steroids (and the resulting estrogen overcompensation which often occurs), and in many cases moobs are simply caused by having an unfortunate genetic makeup.

But have no fear! There ARE “get rid of moobs” exercises. The following exercise regimen is designed to turn the moobs you have into the toned pectoral muscles you want. In essence, it is a staggered, all over the pec workout routine which can be modified to “keep things fresh,” and is also based upon your fitness level. Each moobs exercise will serve to “fill out” the pec muscles beneath your moobs, which will grant them the definition you want. So let’s get started.

Inclined moobs exercise

There are two types of “inclined” moobs exercises that will tone and enlarge your pectoris major muscle group at the top. This will serve to expand the top upward and outward, filling out your moobs into flatter pecs. These exercises are the inclined (foot) pushups, and the inclined bench press. Alternate doing max out sets (the most reps you can do) of the pushups and sets of 5 reps at 85-90% of your max out on the bench press.

Declined moobs exercise

The two kinds of “declined” moobs exercises you need to do are dumbbell bench presses (where your upper back is lower than your butt), and pushups in which your hands are higher off the ground than your feet are. This way, like the above mentioned exercises, your lower moobs will be worked upward and outward, resulting in the “squared off” pecs people on the beach will envy (and guys in the locker room will ask how you got).

The use of heavy weights in resistance training will grow your muscles, and the pushups will tone them up. Of course, combine this workout regimen with some healthy eating, or part of an overall fat loss program, and you’ll be reaping the benefits of a super toned, ultra-masculine body in no time. With just a little effort and consistency, the overall effect will be a chest that people will envy, instead of laughing at.

get rid of moobs exercisesGetting rid of moobs requires a solid fat burning workout regimen

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