Man Boobs & Puffy Nipples: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally


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Man Boobs & Puffy Nipples: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

how to get rid of moobs naturally

For many men, there is nothing more embarrassing than having a “less than masculine” appearance. This often comes in the form of man boobs (or commonly called moobs) in the form of excess male breast tissue. Some men with moobs wish they only had to contend with small puffy nipples. Whether you have man boobs or puffy nipples, you want to know the best approach to get rid of them. Here are a couple of approaches to getting rid of moobs naturally:

How To Get Rid of Moobs Naturally

Some men opt to hide male breasts via body shapers and these days there is a pill for everything – even ones to get rid of man boobs. And then of course there’s always male breast reduction surgery, but you may already have an idea of how expensive going the surgical route can be. There are ways to get rid of male breasts naturally and these approaches should always be used as a first resort to your problem. If all else fails, then it may be time to contact a plastic surgeon. The best way to get rid of male breasts or even puffy nipples is by eliminating body fat. You will need to follow a good old fashioned healthy diet, workout program, and chest toning exercises. One of the best methods to lose your man boobs is to follow the Man Boob Solution program.

Exercises to Get Rid of Man Boobs

The Man Boob Solution program is a comprehensive approach to blasting away excess fat and get a flatter, more masculine chest. Detailed is a workout routine that is concerned with how to get rid of moobs naturally. Nature says, men move around a lot, and typically carrying heavy things. Just a sampling of the program, there are three basic exercises that you are going to need to get to know very well… other than cardio, which you should obviously be doing for your health anyway.

how to get rid of moobs naturallyAnother successful approach is to try the famed Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle Program. Out of all of the world’s athletes, weight lifters have mastered the art of fat loss, which is exactly what you need to get the body that you desire! This program contains no gimmicks, just relies on eating naturally and establishing a workout regimen that includes weight lifting in order to whittle down any excess body fat. Whichever approach you try, realize that both programs are based on weightlifting techniques, although you’ll get more solid chest sculpting advice from the Manboob Solution.

Regardless of which program you use, you want to incorporate this advice: First find your way to a gym where there is weightlifting equipment and head straight to the cable fly workout station. For the first version, grip the underhand cables, and “fly” upward from your sides. This will target the inner and lower parts of your pectoral muscles. For the next version, take a knee and fly from above. This will hit your upper and outer pecs. Taken together like this, these two exercises will give your pecs more of a squared off look. You can also do the same sort of “multi-faceted targeting” (which is just a fancy way of saying “doing it from several different angles”) by way of the bench press and pushups.

For your pushups, alternate between having your feet up on something and having your hands up on something. Between the two of them, you will accomplish essentially the same result (only with less capacity to build size) than with the flys mentioned above.

For the benching, you have to use benches where your waist will be higher than your chest, and alternately where your chest will be substantially higher than your waist. This will give you a great deal of size building capacity… but it will not stretch you as efficiently as the flys will.

how to get rid of moobs naturallyRead on for more chest sculpting exercises to get rid of manboobs naturally:

Try the How To Lose Manboobs program

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