Male Breast Reduction Exercise: 3 Simple Approaches To Get Rid of Man Boobs


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Male Breast Reduction Exercise: 3 Simple Approaches

male breast reduction exercise

There has been a lot said about how men can combat their way out of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is otherwise known as having man boobs (or moobs, because every single thing in this world has to have a cutesy nickname), or having male breasts.  If you are a man who happens to have breasts that are more like those of a woman, you have most likely been searching for a way to get rid of them. Of course, there are several approaches you can take. Let’s review them before taking a look at male breast reduction exercises that you can perform. Get ready to spend some time in the gym if you take this approach.

You can always opt to travel down the breast reduction surgery route.  Of course, if you do that, you can suffer from all kinds of complications, resulting from infections, issues with the anesthesia they will put you under, and your recuperation time.  Or you could always try to take male breast reduction pills.  This is a good option to get rid of the man boobs, but some people prefer to try the all-natural route before ingesting pills. Instead, perhaps you could try a male breast reduction exercise.

Technically speaking, there is no perfect male breast reduction exercise.  Just like every other thing in life, this requires the synergy of several different component parts.  And none of these parts are individually more important than the whole operation is as a cohesive unit.  However, the following set of exercises, when performed consistently and in concert with one another, will serve to act as the closest we will be able to get to the perfect male breast reduction exercise. Break out your weight lifting equipment because you will definitely need it!

One workout to try (which technically two varieties of one exercise) is both incline and decline dumbbell bench presses.  If you want to get rid of your man boobs, you are going to need to grow ample muscle mass in your chest.  And once you have plenty of mass to your pectoral muscles, your moobs will look less boob-like.  Also, the incline and decline bench presses will work the upper and lower parts of your pecs, so that their expansion will be outward and squared off.

male breast reduction exerciseAnother male breast reduction exercise you can do is the cable machine fly. Flys are not only good for adding muscle mass – just like the bench press is – but there are also added benefits of stretching your chest more effectively, so that your muscles can grow more evenly, and of working the outer and inner pecs, again for the “squared off” look to get the flat chest you desire.

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