Men’s Girdles Reviews: Underworks 3-Inch Slip-On Brief Girdle


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Men’s Girdles Reviews: Underworks 3-Inch Slip-On Brief Girdle

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Just looking to lose a few inches around the waist? Whether you have a special event to attend, like a wedding, Black Tie Dinner, or you’re simply spending time with family you haven’t seen in awhile, everyone wants to receive congratulations for looking great. So you’ve gained a few pounds… No one has to know with a quality male girdle. Before you buy men’s girdles, undoubtedly you want the scoop on how well these stomach slimming garments work. Underworks is one of the best names in market for girdles for men and here is a review of their brief girdle:

Men’s Girdles Product Review – Underworks 3-Inch Slip-On Brief Girdle

By Sheridan Salter

Underworks 3-Inch Slip-on Brief Girdle for Men – made of nylon and spandex – promises to make unsightly stomach bulges disappear without the embarrassment of having it seen through your shirt. With the use of this brief girdle, your midsection is bound to have a toned look and your hips will have a nice masculine shape to them as well. Many users also find benefits in making the waistline look trim and slim while providing extra back support. The three-inch double strengthened band rises above the midriff to minimize the look of a soft midsection. Furthermore, this men’s girdle features a slip on design for easy on and off wear.

Does this men’s girdle work as advertised?

According to Amazon consumer reviews, you will not be disappointed with this product as it delivers on each of its claims. This product receives an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Satisfied customers report wearing this girdle seamlessly underneath regular t-shirts and being invisible underneath more formal attire. Indeed, one customer reported that the brief girdle provided firm support and comfort. However, some consumers who bought this product found that the 3 inch band designed to hold in the stomach keeps rolling down during the course of every day wear. If there was one suggestion that could be made, it was for a brief girdle with a wider band.

Overall Product Review

Be it for medical or aesthetical purposes, the 3-Inch Slip-on Brief Girdle will definitely not leave you feeling embarrassed and seems to deliver on its claims. It will leave you feeling comfortable and confident as you see and feel the support the brief girdle has in store for you. Some of the suggestions to improve this product included wider band to prevent the dreaded “roll down” and wider selection of colors to choose from. However, there is no question among the consumer reviews that this men’s brief girdle does indeed work as advertised to cover up an unflattering midsection. Taken as a whole, the 3-Inch Slip-on Brief Girdle for Men is a highly recommended product. Just be careful with ordering, as the different sizes can definitely make a difference. Order your true size if you’re going to wear this men’s girdle under formal or tight clothes, and a size larger if it is to be worn for sports or during extreme movements.

Take a few inches off of your midsection! Try men’s girdles for information and product reviews of the best girdles for men.

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