Men’s Shapewear Reviews: Underworks Gynecomastia Muscle Shirt


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Men’s Shapewear Reviews: Underworks Gynecomastia Muscle Shirt

men's shapewear reviews
Thinking about buying mens shapewear? These items run the gamut from girdle underwear outfitted with a bit of spandex to help trim a couple of inches around the tummy to full-fledged shaping underwear that purports to actually help you lose weight. Before you drop a couple of dollars or hand over your credit card, you always want to check for reviews to investigate the product’s quality and see if it works! Here are reviews of men’s shapewear products culled from actual customer reviews around the ‘Net:

Men’s Compression Wear Product Review – Underworks Gynecomastia Muscle Shirt

By Sheridan Salter

Underworks Cotton Concealor Compression Muscle Shirt is designed to alleviate the effect of gynecomastia, a medical condition where men appear to have women’s breasts. Within popular culture these are called man boobs or even “moobs,” but for the sufferer, it can be experienced as a source of embarrassment and loss of self-esteem. The knit product is made from cotton spandex material that is supposed to fit the contours of your body and mask the appearance of the man boobs. An additional feature is its inner panel, which touts to effectively flatten the stomach and provide back support.

Does this men’s shapewear garment work as advertised?

Underworks promotes the Gynecomastia Muscle Shirt as one of the best to ever come to the market. But does it deserve this reputation? Remarkably, consumer reviews on Amazon indicate that this product does hold its own when it comes to comfort and being inconspicuous. As a matter of fact, this product receives an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars! This compression muscle shirt does not show extra bulges that shouldn’t be there, giving the outer t-shirt an almost perfect appearance. As one consumer review stated, the Underworks Gynecomastia Muscle Shirt really is a secret that only you and your t-shirt would know. If you are self-conscious about your chest size, then this is the product for you. It delivers the compression that it promises so there is no more reason to hide under your baggy clothes.

Overall Product Review

There was only one negative complain about the product that buyers may need to be aware of. One consumer noted that the shirt is extremely tight around the chest area – to alleviate the symptoms of gynecomastia, no doubt – but it doesn’t deliver as well in holding in the stomach. As another note of caution, if you have chest hair, it may be wise to shave before wearing the muscle shirt as the same consumer noted pinching and pulling. However, most customers were extremely satisfied with this product, saying that it does exactly what it claims to do – and offers a viable solution to cosmetic surgery to alleviate the signs of gynecomastia.

You don’t have to continue to live with man boobs! Mask the apperance with men’s shapewear. Visit Men’s Girdles for FREE information and product reviews of mens girdles and male shapewear. There are low-cost solutions to give men a fitter, trimmer appearance and alleviate the stigma associated with gynecomastia without surgery.

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