Mens Slimming Undershirts: Pros of Equmen Core Precision Shirts Revealed


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Pros of the Equmen Core Precision Slimming Undershirt

mens slimming undershirts

Equmen has been on the map of the men’s body shaper market for quite a few years now. This company produces several styles of men’s slimming garments from brief underwear to tank tops designed to eliminate the appearance of extra pounds. This brand was borne out of Australia, but its collection of mens slimming undershirt is building popularity in the United States. (And the briefs and trunks receive great reviews as well). This article will explore the pros of Equmen Core Precision Undershirts.

Benefits of Equmen Undershirts Revealed

mens slimming undershirts

Equmen Core Precision undershirts were created via scientific research in physiotherapy to improve the body’s appearance and core alignment. Every detail from choice of fabric to how shirts are actually woven taken into account to support proper alignment and stability throughout the abdomen and back. Equmen products use patented Helix Mapping Technology to improve physical appearance and correct kinesiology or the science of body movement. Many men note a marked difference as soon as they put the undershirt on, such as improved posture, standing more upright, feeling taller, with their shoulders squared.

Unlike other men’s body shaping undershirts on the market, such as the highly anticipated Spanx for Men, these undershirts are intended for multipurpose wear. Because of the scientific attention to detail, you will also find that these shirts are multipurpose in their use throughout every day life, solely for special occasions, or being worn during physical activity, whether outdoors or at the gym.

Although you may think that wearing an undershirt at the gym may feel uncomfortable, attention was put into moisture-wicking fabrics that provide ventilation to keep you cool when engaged in physical activity. As far as sports performance, customers have noted that they themselves expected to feel restricted in movement, but were pleasantly surprised that this was not the case. Instead, reports indicate that it was not tricky at all to move or bend, and that the added support throughout the core was quite noticeable. One customer reported feeling more athletic during his regular gym routine, as the added back support allowed him to execute weight lifting exercises with better form and receive better results in the long run.

Pros of the Equmen Core Precision Undershirt reveal that this is a great buy for men interested in a slimming undershirt in the meantime to visually give the appearance of a leaner body while also working on the backend by getting in the gym to transform the illusion of slimmer body into reality. Of course, waist slimming isn’t the only reason why men might be interested in Equmen undershirts. Some men suffer from the appearance of manboobs or defined breasts. These men will benefit from these products, but extra attention may be needed in the form of special exercises to banish manboobs forever.

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