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Cons of Equmen Core Precision Undershirt Revealed

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So you’re interested in buying a mens slimming undershirt? You’ve looked at the competition from Spanx for Men to Underworks and you’re leaning towards the Equmen Core Precision Undershirt. You’ve already read all of the sales and marketing materials that promote Equmen products as the best slimming garments and detail its numerous benefits, but what about the negative points or drawbacks? After all, you want to have a balanced view before you make a purchase, especially with a $100 price tag attached! A previous article outlined the pros of Equmen Core Precision Undershirts, but this article will detail the cons to help you make a decision.

The Cons Revealed

One of the major cons of these men’s body shapers is that you may find it difficult to take off at first. Upon first inspection out of the package, these undershirts look small, and you may have a hard time believing that you can actually get it on. They are true to size, so no worries there, and the advertisements are correct when they describe these undergarments as offering a “second skin fit.” You won’t have to worry about them showing through your clothes, it will actually feel comfortable upon first wear, but it takes a bit of time and practice to actually pull them off at the end of the day. If you’ve worn a body shaper or girdle shirt before, you may actually be more skilled in removing these garments, but for the novice, it may take a time or two before you get it down pat.

Also expect to pay more out of pocket if you require extra compression for slimming around the chest and waist. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for high compression vs. extra high compression is about a $10 difference. You can expect this markup to trickle down to whatever retailer you purchase this slimming undershirt from. However, the high compression undershirts are made with added elasticity for an extra 15% compression over the other styles, so if you need additional waist slimming and flattening around the chest, you may be willing to pay the difference.

The Core Precision Undershirt is also not made for everyone. The available sizes go up to XXL, which corresponds to a 39″ to 42″ waist size. Take out your tape measure because if you’re a larger guy with a waist diameter of over 42 inches, you will not be able to fit Equmen products. Similar cons can be noted of Equmen’s competitors such as Spanx for Men, so if you’re looking for larger sized slimming undershirts, try Underworks men’s body shapers instead.

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