Men’s Girdles and Body Shapers: Slimming Support Underwear For Your Stomach


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Men’s Girdles and Body Shapers: Slimming Support Underwear For Your Stomach

The exact definition of what constitutes men’s support underwear depends on the person. What area of your body requires additional support? For many men, support underwear is intended to slim the midsection and minimize the appearance of a few extra pounds. While women benefit from having body shapers sold at their nearest department store, it is more difficult to find a selection of men’s body shapers in local stores. However, rest assured that you do not have to resort to wearing feminine undergarments. Slimming underwear for men is available at the other end of your Internet connection! Although some men actually prefer to wear female body shapers, there are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t. Read on the find out more.

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Men’s Support Underwear 101 – Men Should Not Wear Ladies Girdles

By Frank DeCosta

If you’re just like the majority of the American population, chances are that you could stand to lose a little weight, especially around your midsection. It is probably common knowledge that women wear girdles – as matter of fact, you can easily find them in most major department stores – but what about men’s girdles?

While some men actually wear ladies girdles, this situation is far from ideal. Men’s girdles are a target specialty market and they are especially designed to minimize the appearance of a soft belly while giving off a masculine shape. Women’s girdles, on the other hand, are designed to nip in at the waist to create the feminine hourglass figure. Naturally, most men will steer clear of wearing women’s girdles.

Where to Find Men’s Girdles

As previously mentioned, girdles for men still exists as a very small niche in the underwear market. Sometimes you find them labeled as men’s support underwear and other times as support briefs. Either way, just know that these undergarments are very effective at reducing the appearance of excess stomach fat and love handles while also providing much needed back support.

You probably will not be able to find a male girdle just with a simple visit to your department store. Instead, you can easily find men’s girdles online. Most retailers will have a variety of sizes available, so no matter if you’re a medium or extra extra large, you can find your perfect fit. Speaking of fit, most men’s girdles will be the same size as you would normally wear in pants.

There are two major brand names of men’s girdles that receive great reviews: Underworks and Equmen. Underworks has several styles from your brief girdle to long leg girdles that resemble boxer shorts. You can easily buy them via Amazon or from a specialty online underwear store like

Equmen calls its line of men’s girdles “performance underwear.” These men’s support underwear are designed to streamline your body, provide gluteal support, and improve posture. You can also buy these underwear online from Amazon or the Fresh Pair website. Customer reviews give these performance underwear great ratings for good fit, support, comfort, and appropriate for everyday wear.

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You too can reduce the appearance of your waistline by up to 2 inches in less than 2 minutes with men’s girdles. Please visit the definitive online resource for information on buying mens girdles!

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