What I Should Know Before I Buy Body Shapers for Men


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What I Should Know Before I Buy Body Shapers for Men

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When most people think of the word “body shaper,” they tend to think of mental images of women’s body shaper undergarments that tuck in and flatten the tummy. However, there is an increasing selection of shapewear undergarments in today’s marketplace. Contrary to popular belief, men who wear body shapers are not compromising their masculinity, but instead want to look leaner and feel more confident in the every day clothes that they wear. Even though male body shapers are becoming more commonplace, it still may be difficult to find them in your local mall or department store. Because you cannot necessarily count on having an actual salesperson to help find the perfect one, here are some need-to-know tips to buy the right one for you.

What kind of coverage are you looking for?

Men’s body shapers run the gamut from compression t-shirts and compression vests designed to flatten out unsightly man boobs and spare tire around your waist to men’s girdles that resemble boxers or briefs with a special panel inside to suck in the stomach to actual full length body shapers. First, you want to identify for yourself what your problem areas are so that you can buy the body shaper with the correct level of coverage.

What size should I buy?

Men’s body shapers are cut differently than women’s. While some men actually prefer to wear female body shaping undergarments, body shapers for men are made to maintain a masculine appearance rather than mimic the feminine hourglass shape desired by the fairer sex. Also unlike female body shaping undergarments, men’s body shapers tend to run in the same sizes as regular men’s apparel – simply take note of your waist measurement and select a body shaper accordingly.

What are the recommended brands of men’s body shapers?

You will want to pay close attention to reviews of body shapers for men before you take the plunge to buy them. You can find many different brands from Underworks to Squeem or Equmen. One of the benefits of doing your research first is that you also have access to plenty of customer reviews. Read them very carefully, taking notes of the pros and cons before you hit the “Buy Now” button. If for some reason you cannot find any reviews listed, you can always take a walk on the wild side and test drive one yourself to find out which of these body slimming undergarments is right for you.

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