Where to Buy Men’s Padded Underwear


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Where to Buy Men’s Padded Underwear

buy mens padded underwear

Men’s padded underwear is beginning to increase quite rapidly in popularity. Why? Men have as many figure flaws as women. In addition to being rather affordable, it also instills a sense of confidence in the men who wear it. nsecurities are something that most men are socially trained not to discuss; however, how can you place a price tag on self confidence? Aside from vanity reasons, padded underwear is used quite frequently in sports like cycling or martial arts. Where do you buy men’s padded underwear online? There are several companies who have developed a reputation for excellence.

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is a fashion company who was founded by an aspiring designer of the same name. Today the company is most well known for its underwear and swimwear lines. The company has won many accolades for its eco-friendly clothing lines and for the fact that its products are made in the U.S. Andrew Christian has also been instrumental in bringing fashion to the industry for men’s padded underwear. Because this shape-enhancing underwear is designed for a man by a man, his products have gained a reputation for effectiveness and stylishness.

buy men's padded underwearIf you’re looking for some additional padding in the rear, head straight for the Active SHAPE collection. This line features a removable butt-enhancing shapers sewn into the seat of the underwear. Both the boxer and brief styles add an extra 2 inches to your rump. These underwear also feature the anti-muffin top technology to subtly slim the waistline. You may be excited to preview the very sporty design of the underwear enjoyed by many cyclists and other sports enthusiasts. However, if you’re looking for some additional padding in the front, try the Shock Jock collection instead. These underwear will also add two inches to your frontal measurements.

Bubbles Bodywear for Men

Bubbles Bodywear bills itself as the one stop booty shop for women and men alike – that is, to enhance your current measurements, mask what you don’t have, or create curves where there are none. Their line of padded and compression garments ranges from the basic briefs to waist cinchers to compression vests. The company is well known for the sense of playfulness that it injects into the design of the products it offers. To find what you need, make sure to “For The Men” section of the website. The Jackpot design is their flagship product with removable front and rear pads. You have the option to add foam or silicone inserts to place into the underwear for the additional padding that you need. You can also find padded boxers, briefs, and even swim trunks for an extra vote of confidence when heading to the pool or beach!


buy mens padded underwearUndergear features a variety of shape-enhancing products for men. Whether a man wants to enhance or hide some part of his physique, Undergear will have what he is looking for. First, there is the Intymen Butt Lifted Padded Boxer with special cutouts to subtly lift your rear and padding in the front for an incredible look when your clothes are on. Not into the cutouts? No problem! Try the Undergear Padded Butt Boxers and briefs instead. And while the Bum Enhancer brief doesn’t feature padding, its design does define the shape of your rear end to visually enhance the appearance of your backside.

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